Casa Hogar Don Bosco in San Miguel consists of 3 homes for young & teenage girls &boys who were in need of a home, but have now found one. These children have been abused, abandoned, suffered through violence or their families are too poor to feed and care for them.  At each of the 3 locations 4 dedicated Dominican Nuns work non stop to care and love these children.  They receive no government or church support. 

There averages about 20 boys at Mexiquito, 25 or so young girls at the home in Col. Santa Julia, and 25+ older girls at the school in the town center on Calle Solana. Several Catholic sisters take good care of these boys and girls. All three homes are in the charming and historic town of San Miguel de Allende in the central mountains of Mexico, in the state of Guanajuato. They seem to be very happy and well cared for, but they still have needs. all of you are welcome to come and visit the children, please do, you will be rewarded with many smiles!

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