The Forth Worth Water Gardens

The Fort Worth Water Gardens were built in downtown Ft. Worth, Texas over 20 years ago. They were designed by famed architect Phillip Johnson. Unlike other water fountains that you stand and look at, this one allows you to actually walk into the fountain itself. At the bottom of the steps your senses are completely surrounded by the roar, the sight, and the feel of the rushing water. It is a great place to escape the Texas heat. I applaud Fort Worth. Most cities these days would have given in to the advise of their lawyers and insurance agents and put up a handrail along the descending steps. But that would have ruined much of the experience.

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Controlling Quicktime VR Panoramic Movies

-first, wait for the Quicktime VR file to download (the Quicktime logo will be replaced by the opening scene of the movie).

-second, place your cursor in the QTVR window frame and click once to activate it. Now click and hold as you drag the mouse/cursor to the left and right, and up and down. The more you move to the left or right, the faster you spin. You can even take the cursor out of the frame. But you must always begin each move with the cursor within the frame. You can also use your keyboard arrow keys instead of your mouse.

- Use the Shift key to ZOOM IN / Control key to ZOOM OUT.

- In a multi-node QTVR there is a hot spot in the frame that you must find and click on in order to move to the next node. You will know that you have found the hot spot when your cursor turns into a white arrow. When it does, click the mouse button and you will be instantly transported to the next position, or node, in the sequence. Turn around, and you can backtrack.