Casa Hogar Don Bosco

you can speak to the nuns if you speak Spanish:
Don Bosco/Centro Madre Rufina 152-1195
Don Bosco/ Sta. Julia Madre Chuy 152-4897
Mexiquito Madre Delfina 152-5082.

(1st dial 011-52-415 then the above number when calling from USA)

for someone who speaks english, the following American live down there and are very active volunteers for the homes..............

email Leonardo Rosen or call him in San Miguel at 011 52 415 154 5840 from the USA...... Leonardo is the local American point man for the little girls at Santa Julia, and for the boys at Mexiquito. Robin Loving is another contact for Santa Julia & her local # in SMA is 152-3709

Susan Sargent in San Miguel at 152-1599 (first dial 011-52-4 when calling from USA)

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