Mission San Carlos de Borromeo of Carmel

The Carmel Mission was originally founded in 1770, in Monterey. A few years later the stone church we see today was built, but in Carmel, California, which is about 100 miles south of San Francisco. Now, you can take a virtual tour of it. There are 6 "nodes" (or positions) at the mission you can now explore.

Node 1 the front courtyard. After looking around, click in front of the chapel to move closer to it, or click on the cemetery gate, to the right of the chapel to go there.

Instructions for controlling the movie are at the bottom of the page.


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 Controlling QuickTime VR Panoramic Movies

-Place your cursor in the QTVR window frame and click once to activate it.

-Hold the mouse button down and move the cursor to turn.

-With mouse button released, move cursor to look for arrow. Click on arrow to go to next position.

-Shift key zooms in, control key zooms out.